Cock Rings and Live Action 101

What Your Need to Know About YOUR Erection and Supersized Package

Cock ring and penis pump and paraphernalia madness – why? Male enhancement has been trendy and much sought-after for a long time now, thanks to the powerful position that the male organ, the penis, occupies in modern culture. Learn more about penis enlargement, cock rings, and other tools used to get unprecedented pleasure levels and action in bed.

What to Know About Your Power Drill and Its Erection

Most cultural standards dictate that the penis should be hard, strong, hard, and mighty in length and size. Then comes the power of erections, or the make-or-break of sexual encounters. This is why cock rings, natural and synthetic male enhancement pills, exercises, sex straps and toys, and other methods have become more popular among men who want to obtain harder, bigger penis proactively and without the humiliation.

During sex, the live action begins with an erect penis and maximum libido. Many people argue that erection begins in the mind – which we agree with, since your brain maintains a primary role in many processes in your body. Physical or mental stimulation causes the nerves in your brain to send chemical messages to other nerves in your penis, and these messages instruct the penile blood vessels to relax in order for the hard tool to be filled with blood. As the blood flows into your power drill, a high-pressure condition ensures, and the valve that allows blood flow out of the penis remains closed. The blood stays trapped in the corpora cavernosa inside the male organ, and an erection is what happens next. Your penis expands and hardens, ready for the work ahead.

Located on the sides of the male organ are the blood vessels responsible for blood flow to the penis during erection. On the other hand, the blood vessels responsible for outflow are situated on the top of your penis. Erection is reversed when the blood inflow is stopped and the site for outflow is swung opened. The penis becomes limp again this way.

This whole process of erection is pretty darn simple and understandable, but social dictates on manhood and the importance of erections have complicated the whole thing for a man who’s eager to please and maximize the use of his tool for his own benefit and his partner’s.

Others even become seriously anxious or depressed when confronted by the idea of erectile dysfunction – also known as impotence, afflicting 18 million men over the age of 20 in the United States alone. (from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health).

Cock Rings | Cock and Ball Toys |Sex Toys for Your Cock

Think of a cock ring (and related cock and ball toys) as a powerful stimulator and male enhancer rather than just a simple penis accessory or sexy toy. Cock rings work simply and effectively: on the principle of constriction, which enables your penis to stay hard and get improved size, appearance, and performance. While there are different cock ring types available, horseshoe cock rings fit the penis well and target a new awakening, e.g. sexual response. A horseshoe cock ring applies pressure to the male dorsal vein, triggers a boner reflex, and keeps your package saluting all night.

Safety topples everything else. In the case of cockrings, have them fitted accordingly to your penis to prevent any blood flow issues. Follow instructions on the package label accordingly. Read up on cock rings and other sex toys that will give you an all-time hard!